There are a few apps on OSX that quit/terminate once their window is closed. This is typical on Windows of course, but it’s a bit random on OSX. Some (most?) apps stay open, and some close. I find it really bloody annoying. I’ll quit my apps when I’m ready to quit them, thank you very much.

The biggest sore spot with me is 1password which I use dozens of times a day, and every time I CMD+W to close the window (muscle memory!), it quits the app. Re-opening it takes about 2 seconds. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s annoying when I use it so often.

The way I found to “solve” this problem is to use Keyboard Maestro to intercept CMD+W keys and instead execute a CMD+H to hide instead.

First step is to create a new Group so you can apply a macro to specific apps:

Close to hide group

Then create a macro:

  • Trigger: This hot key: CMD+W
  • Actions:
    • Simulate Keystroke: CMD+H

Close to hide macro